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An Aztec word meaning ‘bitter water’, xocolatl was the name given to the first drink made from the cocoa bean.

Xocolatl has been a fixture on Maling Road since 2005 – bringing a unique, handmade product to the residents of Canterbury.

Christos Partsioglou founded Xocolatl with his wife Jenny and their daughters, Madeleine and Tina. Their aim was to create the highest quality artisan chocolates available in the market, and this meant doing everything by hand.

With extensive training from pastry chefs from around the world, Tina and Christos created Belgian-style bonbons with flavour combinations which were unique and deliciously good!

As well as selling their hand-made chocolates, they wanted to create a café where customers could drink the best hot chocolate in Melbourne and enjoy their chocolates with a cup of coffee in a relaxed environment.

Xocolatl was such a success that in 2007, only two years after startup, they opened a second boutique shop in East Kew, then another in Toorak. Their artisan chocolates are now sold throughout Australia.

At Xocolatl they are always looking to improve their service to customers, provide a product that uses the highest quality ingredients, and offer a unique product range in store. Using only Fairtrade-certified Belgian couverture, all ingredients are naturally infused into the product with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

As a trained artist, Christos uses his artist’s eye to design the finishes on the chocolates and still decorates many of them by hand. His artwork is on all the packaging and displayed in all their stores. Some selected works are printed onto gift cards to accompany the chocolate gift boxes, which make a perfect gift or dessert.

In 2016 they had to leave their original home and move further down Maling Road. Although the new space has a different feel, it has become home to the family, staff and regular customers. You will meet Maddy and occasionally Chris, Jenny or Tina in the store offering what Xocolatl has always been known for – a warm-up in winter or a cool-down in summer with cold beverages and the world’s best hot chocolate.

Baking or making a special dessert?

We sell couverture for cooking to make your dessert extra special.


Has less sugar than ordinary confectionery chocolate.  This is due to no added or substituted fats.  It’s the cocoa butter that also make the product premium, with a higher price point, but gives the product a smooth and silky mouthfeel.

Dark chocolate

This should only have 4 ingredients:  cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and an emulsifier.

Cocoa health benefits

High magnesium

Antioxidant rich

Vasodilator helping to increase oxygenated blood to the brain and other organs– excellent for studying and when you need to focus your attention.

Open 8:00 to 17:30 daily,
9:00 to 17:30 Saturday,
10:00 to 17:30 Sunday.
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