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by Caitlin
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Connecting the young and the young at heart through music and play.

If you were to pop into Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre (CNC) at half past ten on a friday morning, chances are you would hear the sounds of singing, clapping and laughter wafting down the corridor: and if you poked your head around the door to the Hall, you would see a group of Canterbury’s oldest and youngest residents dancing, singing and playing together. If you have a spare moment, why not go in and join them.

Play Music is a program which promotes the benefits of inter-generational social activity combined with music therapy. It gives children, older adults and everyone in-between the opportunity to come together and celebrate life’s ages and stages through music

BASScare and Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre have teamed up to provide this program to local Boroondara residents. It is hosted and run by Carousel Music Therapy, which was founded by Imogen Rees after she noticed how the spirits of residents in aged care were lifted by the visits of young children

Music stimulates multiple parts of the brain, including areas involved in movement, emotions, sensory processing, language, communication, creativity and memory. The music used in the program is selected to elicit memories and to provide opportunities for interaction between the generations. Sing-alongs of nursery rhymes, golden oldies and classic songs coupled with dancing as balloon play, bubble blowing and percussion are all part of the program.

If you are interested in the program:
The program runs on Friday mornings at 10:30am. The music program is followed by morning tea and playtime for the children.

If you would like to join, attend a session or volunteer, contact BASScare on 9880 4709

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