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Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College

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Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College is a single sex, state government, secondary school for girls in Years 7 to 12. Year 7 enrolments are completed through the student’s Primary School while they are in Year 6. Enrolment priority is given to students who live in the College zone:

Zone map

Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College offers a strong academic environment in order for students to excel and achieve their best with an emphasis on each student functioning as an individual in attaining excellence. Students are held accountable for their learning and regular feedback is provided to parents.

The College provides a curriculum program for girls which is challenging and responsive to the latest research on effective girls’ education.

The program provides:

  • a broad range of quality educational programs tailored to affirm girls in their learning and allows them to become effective members of a society facing rapid technological change.
  • challenging and rigorous programs that expose students to a range of learning experience.
  • an emphasis on catering for the various learning styles of girls and the development of metacognitive skills.
  • a learning environment based on co-operation, self discipline and concern for others.
  • course and careers counselling programs tailored to expose students to all the opportunities open to them.
  • an extensive co-curricular program to foster the development of the whole person.
  • transition programs for students entering Year 7, VCE studies and tertiary studies.
  • examinations from Year 10 as preparation for VCE Units 3 and 4.
  • opportunities for Year 10 students to undertake VCE Unit 1 and 2 studies, and Year 11 students to undertake VCE Unit 3 and 4 studies.
  • participation in University Enhancement studies

The comprehensive curriculum provided at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College covers the areas of the Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Languages other than English (French and Japanese), Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

SEAL Program
This Accelerated program is designed to cater for the needs of very able students. It differs from the mainstream program by providing a faster paced curriculum with the opportunity to work on more abstract, complex and in-depth material. Learning in core subjects will be accelerated for these students and it is anticipated that most students will complete Years 7-10 in three years, giving them an extended range of options for their final years of schooling.

The music program at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College is a vibrant one offering a wide range of learning and performance opportunities to all students. The program boasts three large concert bands, two string orchestras, a symphony orchestra, stage band, rock bands, guitar ensemble, Klezmer ensemble and many smaller chamber groups. The College has a strong tradition in choral work ranging from whole school events such as the House Choral Festival to the choirs including the award winning Canterbury Chorale. All of the ensembles perform regularly at school events and also in the broader community.

Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College has continued its dominance of many sports in the inter-school competitions by adopting a healthy participation rate and dominating many team sports. Their growing reputation as a strong sporting school has been enhanced with excellent team and individual performances.

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