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Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar

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Strathcona is an independent, Baptist, day school for girls from the age of three, to Year 12. The school was established in 1924.

“The Strathcona environment nurtures the pursuit of academic excellence, co-curricular involvement, leadership development and the community and social engagement that each girl chooses to pursue. Our aim is to afford girls the opportunity to try various activities so that each individual is able to recognise and develop her own interests and unique attributes. We take a personalised approach to learning and development for each of our students.”

Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy

Strathcona is situated across three campuses, with Junior and Senior Schools located in Canterbury and the Year 9 campus Tay Creggan, located a short train ride away in Hawthorn.
Office open 8:30 to 16:00 Mon – Fri
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