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As with many other congregations, the following are some significant aspects of our faith.

Inspiration in prayer, scripture reading, and mentoring:

  • Personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Practice of prayer, both individually and together
  • Authority of the Bible as God’s Word to all people

Belonging in worship, small group life, and commitment:

  • Worshiping together
  • Fellowship with God’s people everywhere
  • Equality of all in the Church community
  • Believers’ baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Purpose in witness, service, and justice:

  • Sharing with others our faith in Christ
  • Service to our community
  • Use of gifts and abilities (within the life of the Church)

Canterbury Baptist Church is committed to protecting the safety of all people within its programs, ministries and events. Our policies have been developed to uphold this commitment to safeguarding and to adhere to national and state legislation.

We have four services: Sunday at 10am, Sunday at 5pm, as well as Messy Church and a monthly Reflective Gathering.

We also run Connect Groups and Bible Studies, Youth Groups, Families Programs, English classes, and more.

Youth Group

Our church supports young people through our youth group program and through resources for teenagers.

Our youth group program is named Oxygen. We meet every second Friday from 7.30pm to 10pm (unless otherwise specified). Every evening includes games and a time of discussing faith issues relevant to high school students.

Also, see fervr.net – a website for teenagers who care about their world and their faith.

For more information about our youth program email us here.

We have been worshipping constantly on the same corner in Canterbury since 1891. Our church is older than the federation of Australia.

Yet today we are a very young church as well. We have a spread of all age groups, with new people continuing to join us every month.

Jesus calls us all to follow with our whole lives. We nurture that life in God through the Bible, prayer, and encouragement of one another.

Gordon, our Senior Pastor

What is Messy Church?

  • A new way of ‘doing’ church for people of all ages
  • Quality time together for the whole family
  • A relaxed and informal gathering
  • Church that embraces creativity, hospitality, and celebration
Services Every Sunday 10:00
Every Sunday 17:00
Messy Church 16:00 to 18:00, ring 9888 6660 for dates.
Reflective gatherings 20:00 monthly, second Tuesday.
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