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3126 Advertorial Booking

by Adrian Miles
PART A - Booking Details

Please provide the information below as you would like it to appear in the publication:

Deadline for this booking:

Advertiser's contact details:

Logos, images and text
Note: Logo & images supplied must be JPEG/TIFF/PDF (and must be at 300 DPI)

Logo to be included: (required)

Image/s supplied: (required)

Text supplied by: (required)

Deadline for copy to be supplied:  01/03/2019
Deadline for copy to be supplied:  30/05/2019
Deadline for copy to be supplied:  29/08/2019
Deadline for copy to be supplied:  TBA

Please note, the copy supplied will be proofed and edited so all advertising is consistent throughout the publication.

Please email me a PDF to approvePlease supply a hard copy to approve

Note: Once you have signed off your proof, then there will be no further amendments. It is up to the advertiser to ensure that all information supplied is correct and is proofed correctly.

Email images/text to: 3126@canterburynh.org.au

Heed help? Please contact: 3126@3126.org.au

PART B - Booking check list & price

Advertisement placement (only one selection from Covers or Internal below per Booking Form):

Back cover: $500Inside front cover (full): $500IFC (half page vertical): $300Inside back cover (full): $400

Double page spread: $600Full page: $350Half page vertical: $200Half page horizontal: $200Short line listing: $50

Placement $
Total $